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Donations are greatly appreciated by our users. Any and all donations would go towards the cost of improving Tell It to the Dead and keeping it running. (Cost of upgrades, hosting, etc.) Please consider making a donation to help keep us going. Thank you!

Currently, we have two donation options available.

You can purchase a user upgrade-- "Premium Member" -- for 10.00 USD (note: this is a clickable link to the Account Upgrade page). This upgrade is automatic (meaning there will be no delay in seeing the benefits of it) will give you:
  • The ability to change your user title to whatever you want.
  • Change your username color to a soft, yellow glow (however, if you'd prefer another color, please contact Doctor Grimes and she will change it for you).
  • A "Patron" banner
  • The ability to upload avatars that are 2MB in size as opposed to 1MB.
  • Possibly more features down the road.
There's also the ability to donate whatever amount you want (no fixed price) by clicking the button below:

There is a text option to include your username; if you donate above 10.00 USD, and include your username, you will be upgraded to premium membership. This is in the event you would like to contribute more or less than the 10.00 USD amount of the premium membership upgrade.

More goodies will be available in the future.

Thank you! Hope you enjoy the forum.

Note: If you have any difficulty with this or if the user upgrade doesn't take, please let Doctor Grimes know ASAP and she will work to get it sorted out.