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Characters - Comic vs TV

Discussion in 'Characters & Cast' started by Kordas, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Kordas

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    Feb 13, 2016
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    Since "The Walking Dead" TV show is adaptation of the graphic novels, it's impossible to avoid comparisons between the two. A lot of characters we see on our screens were born on the pages of the comics and drawn by Tony Moore/Charlie Adlard before the actors we see on our screens every week were cast in the role. Some of the TV characters bear a striking resemblance to the comic counterpart, others look different. Some have a very similar personality and story and some went through serious changes between the mediums.

    So I wanna ask you guys to compare both versions of some of the characters and honestly say: which version of these characters do you think is better? Comic or TV? Maybe you feel there's draw? Of course I chose the characters that I felt were relevant in both mediums, so we're not gonna be comparing Woodbury Resident #5 or Joe from Claimers since his comic counterpart had maybe 3 pages total.

    Also, since this is mainly a TV Show forum, I ask that only people who read the comics or have a decent knowledge of them answer.

    The Governor

    If you want to provide some elaboration on why you chose they way you chose - I encourage you to! If not, then you don't have to - it's fine either way!
    PS. I chose not to include Jesus, Gregory or Dwight, as I simply feel we've seen too little of them at this point.
  2. Gooey Goobert

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    Feb 17, 2016
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    98% of the time I'm gonna choose their TV counterpart over the GN. The 2% has to do with reduced screentime compared to their comic counterpart such as Carl or Tyreese.
  3. WalkerVoodoo

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    Jan 27, 2016
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    These are the versions I prefer.

    • Rick - TV! I feel like comic Rick can be inconsistent at times. He'd go from crazy to calm way to fast for me to follow. Not to mention Andrew Lincoln is a major reason in why I love Rick so much.
    • Carl - GN! I love Chandler but the writers feel the need to either gloss over story lines or give them to other characters for the TV version.
    • Lori - TV! SWC nailed it with her portrayal and I couldn't ask for anything better.
    • Shane - TV! Expanding the Shane arc was a brilliant decision and Jon was just perfect in that role. I loved to hate him.
    • Morgan - TV! I still don't understand the point of GN! Morgan and Lennie is the best actor this show has.
    • Glenn - Both! GN Glenn gets more to do but I love Steven and he really brings that character to life with the little material he's given.
    • Andrea - TV! I hated TV Andrea but at least I felt something in regards to her character. GN Andrea is boring and I'd rather hate you than be bored by you.
    • Dale - TV! I liked his morality and lived for his hatred of Shane. I also didn't like how GN! Dale was so insecure with Andrea and always questioned Rick.
    • Carol - TV! MMB is amazing as Carol and has seriously transformed the character.
    • Sophia - GN! I wish she were still alive but I understand why she had to go.
    • Tyreese - GN! Tyreese is my favourite character in the GN and with the perfect casting of Chad Coleman I still can't believe the writers managed to butcher him in the show.
    • Hershel - TV! I loved Scott Wilson's portrayal and I love how wise and caring he is in the show.
    • Maggie - GN! GN Maggie has this feistiness to her that just isn't there in the show.
    • Michonne - TV! Danai brought this character to life and created what might be my favourite character of all time.
    • Axel - TV! I know he wasn't utilized as much on the show but the little he did left a bigger impression on me then his comic counter part did.
    • The Governor - TV! The comic version was too much
    • Abraham - GN! MC is perfect casting but they need to give him more than some funny lines.
    • Rosita - TV!
    • Eugene - TV!
    • Gareth/Chris - TV!
    • Gabriel - TV! I was so excited when I heard Seth Gilliam would be joining the show but I never expected they would do what they did with his character.
    • Aaron - Both
    • Deanna/Douglas - TV! Love Deanna
    • Nicholas - TV! His death scene alone beat out everything else
    • Jessie - GN! Comic Jessie was real and consistent. TV Jessie was horribly written and horribly pot rayed.
    • Spencer - TV! just because he's being played by Austin Nichols
    • Heath - GN! cuz he does more but the casting was perfect
    • Denise- TV! Merrit Weaver was amazing
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  4. Kordas

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    Feb 13, 2016
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    My opinion:

    Rick - draw. I love both versions of Rick. I'd probably choose TV Rick since comic Rick got worse lately, but overall I feel like the comic Rick is written a bit more consistently.

    Carl - Comic. Comic Carl has been developed more and is a full-fledged character. I really hope it changes soon, because I adore Chandler.

    Lori - TV. She had some annoying and some very heartwarming moments in both mediums. But SWC won me over with the death scene.

    Shane - TV. Jon Bernthal was very good in this role and TV Shane got a lot more development.

    Morgan - TV. Lennie James is amazing, comic Morgan wasn't that great.

    Glenn - draw. I love Steven Yeun and Glenn was my fave in the comics. I really can't choose.

    Andrea - Comic. Governor storyline really ruined TV Show Andrea in my eyes. She could have been redeemed after that if she didn't die, but she did.

    Dale - draw. I really liked both versions of Dale.

    Carol - TV. That's not even a competition

    Sophia - Comic. She hasn't done that much in the comic, but then again she did nothing beside running away and dying in the show (and she's still alive in the comic, so there's potential there)

    Tyreese - Comic. Yeah, TV Tyreese was really ruined to make place for Daryl

    Hershel - TV. This one isn't even a competition. I loved TV Hershel. I hated comic Hershel.

    Maggie - Comic. Nothing against Lauren, but Maggie just is given too little good material (although that may change soon when/if she takes more of a leadership role on the show). In the comic she's the prime example of a strong female character.

    Michonne - Comic. I really like Danai's Michonne, but, like Maggie, she's just not given enough good material to justify me choosing her. But comic Michonne is one of the most fascinating characters (no wonder she got her own game).

    Axel - draw. Both versions were great - both died too soon.

    The Governor - TV. Morrissey's Governor felt more like a human being, comic version was a moustache-twirling villain with no redeeming qualities (although the Governor novels give him a pretty good backstory).

    Abraham - Comic - Love TV Abraham, but he's just a watered down version of comic Abe. Hope we get to see TV version do some cool shit in All Out War, though.

    Rosita - TV - Comic Rosita never really got any spotlight, TV Rosita lately gets some more material to work with.

    Eugene - Comic - Eugene is at the moment one of my faves in the comic book. I like Josh in the role, but he's got some ways to reach his counterparts' heights.

    Gareth/Chris - TV - Gareth got a backstory and was generally a better villain.

    Gabriel - TV - Seth Gilliam just makes the character. Also how much he developed with limited screentime is amazing. Comic Gabriel is just kind of there.

    Aaron - TV - I just love Ross' portrayal too much!

    Deanna/Douglas - TV - Deanna rules! I felt like Douglas wasn't that great since we already have Gregory who fills the seat of pervy leader lol.

    Nicholas - draw - like them both but for different reasons. I liked how comic Nicholas and Rick became bros even though they started by Nicholas trying to kill Rick. I also liked TV Nicholas' attempt at redemption and failing, it made for some compellling TV.

    Jessie - draw - It's hard to choose, I didn't particurarly like or hate either of them.

    Spencer - TV. He's a tool in both version, although he has more redeeming qualities in TV than he had in the comics.

    Heath - Comic - Comic Heath is a really cool character. TV Heath could also be great, but he's been to marginalized and unfortunately it seems like Heath may not last long on the show.

    Denise - Comic - she was given too little time in the show which is a shame since Merritt was amazing in the role.
  5. blackjack

    blackjack Babysitting Judith

    Apr 23, 2016
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    I hate it when characters are drastically changed, going from one medium to another. You can change storylines, change deaths, whatever, it keeps things less predictable. I always find it hard to look forward to/get excited over a favourite character coming in, if you don't even know if it will be that character. For that reason, I prefer characters to stay a little closer. Some changes or development, but nothing drastic. There are definitely characters however, whose extreme changes were for the better and I appreciate those characters so much more, on the show. Okay now for my actual answers.

    Rick: TV. Both are inconsistent, but given the circumstances, inconsistent is realistic. I think TV Rick is more interesting. They've kept him rather true to form, though.

    Carl: Comic. He's just more badass.

    Lori: Comic. I didn't care for either, but I found that version much less aggravating.

    Shane: TV, by far. I'm a Shane fan/sympathizer. In the comics he was very short term, more of a plot device than a real character. The development of Shane was one of the best decisions they could have made.

    Morgan: TV. I'm not a fan of either one. I don't like his personality in the show, but I think he's a more interesting character

    Glenn: Comic. He kept a little more of a sense of humor that he had near the beginning of the show, but lost fairly early on.

    Andrea: Comic, definitely. I like the comic version of Andrea, but despised the TV one

    Dale: Comic. Not a fan of either, but at least the comic book version was tolerable

    Carol: TV, no contest

    Sophia: TV. I don't like kids.

    Tyreese: Comic. I thought just turning him into something of a big teddy bear was a little weird.

    Hershel: TV. The show's version was definitely an improvement, at least after season 2.

    Maggie: TV. She felt like a stronger character to me. I didn't care about the comic version until after Glenn's death. It also irked me that she punched Rick and called him a coward for not stopping Negan from beating Glenn to death, when she didn't do anything either. He was as helpless as she was and she knew it.

    Michonne: TV, but close. I love both versions.

    Axel: TV. He was just funnier.

    The Governor: Both. I liked the comic book Governor, because I'm sick. I appreciate the one on TV for being more believable.

    Abraham: Comic. He was one of my favorite characters. I loved him on the show and he rose to be the same level of favourite, but is definitely watered down.

    Rosita: TV. I simply like her attitude

    Eugene: TV. He's funnier

    Gareth/Chris: TV's Gareth. He beats out Chris by a mile. I loved Gareth. He was smarter, calmer, and more amusing.

    Gabriel: TV. I'm enjoying watching FG, this season. My initial dislike of him in the comic, never changed.

    Aaron: Comic, but I'm not entirely sure why.

    Deanna/Douglas: TV Deanna. She was a better leader and died fighting

    Nicholas: Comic

    Jessie: Comic

    Spencer: TV. He seems more understandable

    Heath: Comic. He really doesn't stand out.

    Denise: Unsure.
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  6. Joan Holloway

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    Feb 6, 2016
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    Rick: tbh comic. His arc is more consistent. I love AL but the writing for rick can be a little... off sometimes. I could go on about this.
    Carl: Comic. Similar reasons to rick but tv carl has some great moments.
    Lori: Comic. Tv lori was ridiculous but her death was very sad
    Shane: TV. I think that's an arc the show did perfectly
    Morgan: TV. I like what they're doing in the show with him. Comic morgan went too early
    Glenn: TV. Steven yeun:hearts:.
    Andrea: Comic. doubt i need to explain much on this one
    Dale: Comic. TV dale was so self- righteous and annoying. comic dale had a role similar to tv hershel's
    Carol: im not sure. I kinda liked how batshit crazy comic carol got. I do like what they did with tv carol (i still have my gripes)
    Sophia: TV.
    Tyreese: TV although I HATE that we did see the friendship with him and rick
    Hershel: TV
    Maggie: They're the same to me
    Michonne: Tv :hearts:
    Axel: comic. he was funnier
    The Governor: TV
    Abraham: tv but same issue as tyreese
    Rosita: Tv. They're doing more with her
    Eugene: TV. he's grown on me.
    Gareth/Chris: TV
    Gabriel: TV. I love his arc on the show
    Aaron: They're the same to me
    Nicholas: i dont remember much of him
    Jessie: comic. I thought she was a pretty sad character in the comic. the tv version...*sighs*
    Spencer: same
    Heath: same
    Denise: tv. im still annoyed with her death:rant:

    some added ones
    Dwight: so far comic but i'll give the show a fair chance with him
    Negan: Comic. Tv negan isn't working.
  7. Walkingonsunshine

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    Jan 25, 2016
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    Rick - TV for sure. comic Rick just to beaten down. I really hope they don't cripple TVRick in the same ways.
    Carl - I love TVCarl but comic Carl is just leap years ahead of him.
    Lori - neither but at least TVLori had a better death
    Shane - TVShane for sure way more complex. Even though I didn't like season 2 Shane at least entertained me.
    Morgan - TVMorgan by leaps and bounds.
    Glenn - TVGlenn even though I liked comic Glenn I just think TVGlenn seemed more mature.
    Andrea - comic Andrea. TVAndrea was just butchered and honestly she came off as more desperate to be a badass than just actually being a badass.
    Dale - comic Dale. I hated TVDale he was way overly preachy and far more useless.
    Carol - TVCarol
    Sophia - comic Sophia. I love the relationship between her and Carl. I hope we get back to that and Carl leaves Lydia alone.
    Tyreese - one of the worst travesties on this show is seeing what they did to TVTyreese all in the name of Daryl and to service Carol's character development. Comic Ty by far wins this one but I really liked Chad's acting.
    Hershel - Love, love, TVHershel. He nailed that infection arc.
    Maggie - comic Maggie. I liked that they didn't really develop her leadership skills by having her do any apprenticeship like TVMaggie did with Deanna. I think they just handled it better.
    Michonne - TVMichonne. Kirkman loves comic Michonne but also loves to torture her. I like watching TVMichonne embrace community, happiness and life after over 150 issues in the comic we have yet to see comic Michonne really progress in that same way.
    Axel - idk. comic Axel at least he served a purpose to the plot.
    The Governor - TVGovi. For the life of me I don't understand why anyone wanted comic Govi on their screen. He was the American Psycho but without any actual depth or complexity.
    Abraham - comic Abe he was far closer to Rick and once again another one that suffered because of Daryl's presence.
    Rosita - comic Rosita. I like that they are giving TVRosita some complexity but I'm still not there yet in really caring for more than a moment.
    Eugene - comic Eugene. I feel like they just have given him more to do at this point.
    Gareth/Chris - Gareth though I really don't understand what was the point of giving so much background if they were going to kill him so quickly.
    Gabriel - TVGabe though comic Gabe stepped up as well. TVGabe did it with far more finess.
    Aaron - TVAaron he's bae.
    Deanna/Douglas - Deanna because it was more interesting to see Rick work with a mentor who wasn't a hound.
    Nicholas - comic Nicholas. He actually had a death that moved the plot and a family.
    Jessie - comic Jessie. TVJessie was used a bait and switch fodder.
    Spencer - comic Spencer by far.
    Heath - comic Heath just another missed opportunity by the show
    Denise - TVDenise though at least comic Denise had more interaction with Rick and had a more of an impact on the story.

    I actually disagree I think we've seen enough of Dwight, Gregory, and Jesus to judge.

    Gregory - TVGregory. He's just so entertaining so far and still keeps the douche factor going.
    Jesus - comic Jesus is my favorite GN character and even in the GN he is underused so I'm not surprised the same in happening in the show but he's just a far more formidable ninja in the GN and I love what they are developing between him and Aaron. Unfortunately, Daryl seems to be getting in the way yet again and Jesus and Aaron have even yet to meet.
    Dwight - comic Dwight. TVDwight is just not cutting it.
  8. Ship Verse

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    Hmm. So...

    Rick - TV Rick. Far less douche-y. A bit more complex, also Andrew Lincoln. :hearts:
    Carl - Comic Carl. No shade on Chandler, because up until Season 5 I would have preferred TV Carl, he was less annoying*, more mature, but now, Carl doesn't even do anything interesting and it's a travesty tbqh.
    Lori - Comic Lori. Not by much. I mean I never cared much for Lori in either medium.
    Shane - TV Shane. Ten times more compelling.
    Morgan - TV Morgan. Less pathetic. Though the Driving Miss Daisy shtick is getting tired.
    Glenn - TV Glenn. Why? Not sure. Could be SY's portrayal. I was far more connected to TV Glenn than Comic Glenn, but I loved them both.
    Andrea - Comic Andrea. Not by much. Comic Andrea was less self righteous than TV Andrea, but she still has become rather annoying in the comic. I think she progressed into a bad ass more organically in the comic, but meh.
    Dale - Comic Dale. Just TV Dale was too damn holier than thou.
    Carol - TV Carol. I guess.
    Sophia - Comic Sophia. Sweet little gumdrop. I liked TV Sophia, but she wasn't long for this world though it made great story telling.
    Tyreese - Comic Ty. Ugh. I loved Chad. Saw great things coming from him when he was introduced, but... alas.
    Hershel - TV Hershel. Great character. Badass, and did what Dale couldn't. Get through to people without belittling, preaching, whining.
    Maggie - TV Maggie. More spunk.
    Michonne - TV Michonne. Love comic Michonne, but the misery and pain she goes through on a cycle is annoying. I love the depth of TV Michonne and Danai Gurira :hearts:
    Axel - TV Axel. He was never that interesting in the comic. He was cool, but he was a fun addition on the show.
    The Governor - TV Governor. Comic Gov was extra AF.
    Abraham - Comic Abe. I LOVED Comic Abe. He was sweet and badass.
    Rosita - TV Rosita. At least she is doing something now.
    Eugene - Comic Eugene. Only because he seemed to come off it quicker than TV Eugene. But I do love Josh and TV Eugene is better looking lol
    Gareth/Chris - TV Gareth. Gareth was menacing and his portrayal was great. Could have done more with him.
    Gabriel - TV Gabe. I pretty much like them both, but Seth's portrayal is so good its hard to pick against him.
    Aaron - Comic Aaron. It's tough, but I'm just going to go with how important Aaron has been in the comic. He has had more to do but I love Ross and TV Aaron seems like he will start getting a larger role.
    Deanna/Douglas-TV Deanna. I loved TV Deanna, realistic and not bothersome
    Nicholas - TV Nicholas. I mean I hated him more. Made for good TV. Comic Nicholas just wasn't as memorable.
    Jessie - Comic Jessie.
    Spencer - Comic Spencer. Boy Austin can't act.
    Heath - Comic Heath. I like TV Heath, love Corey's portrayal. Just not enough of him.
    Denise - TV Denise! Except her death. TV Denise was so real, but comic Denise was cool too and was far more involved with the story. I just can't help how much I loved TV Denise.

    Gregory - TV Gregory. They both give me the skeevies. But I mean Xander is funny where Comic Gregory is all types of whiny, bitchy and revolting.
    Jesus - Comic Jesus and its not even close. I like Tom alot. So excited to have Jesus on the show but he is severely underused and his skills have been all but nonexistant. Comic Jesus is one of the coolest characters and on the show he is an afterthought.
    Dwight - Comic Dwight. Dwight on TV is just meh.

    *Daryl- Comic Daryl, In which he does not exist. :rickgrin:
  9. blackjack

    blackjack Babysitting Judith

    Apr 23, 2016
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    After reading the last couple, I'm following their lead and adding:

    Gregory: TV. I find XB very entertaining.

    Jesus: Comic. He is such a badass in the comics and the show really hasn't done anything with him yet. I'm hoping now that we're seeing him more, he'll really become something.

    Dwight: Difficult, but I think I actually prefer TV. I'm more interested in the character.

    Negan: Both. I absolutely LOVE this guy, in both mediums.:negan2::negan:

    Bonus: I prefer the TV version of Sherry. I like how she's being developed. Also, Simon. He wasn't in the comics, but I really like him. :ogg: