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Favorite Issue / Storyline?

Discussion in 'The Walking Dead Comic' started by Mewchonne, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Mewchonne

    Mewchonne Babysitting Judith

    Jan 31, 2016
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    Mine was probably issue 33, and the entire prison storyline before and after.

    First of all, the prison felt like home. It was extremely comfy, cozy, and everyone was making the most of it. I loved that.

    I am also madly in love with Tyreese and Michonne as a couple, and here is why, under a spoiler cut because of spoilers AND graphic content

    After the scenes where Michonne was brutally raped by the Governor, she escapes and goes back to pay him an extremely disturbing, sick, horrible, wonderful visit in issue 33. My favorite issue. :devil: (Loving how the smiley has the Govviestache. Not intentional.)

    So she nails his dick down to a board, mutilates him horribly, shoves a spoon up his ass and uses it to pull out his eye... the usual delicious stuff that I love.

    Then when she returns, naturally, she's a bit shaken up and feels like she's a monster for what she did, and refuses to talk to / open up to anyone about what happened. Eventually she sneaks into Tyreese's room, and now, they already had an existing romance before she, Glenn and Rick disappeared to Woodbury. So he thinks she's trying to fuck, which she usually is, but now she's not really ready, and she just kind of cries on his shoulder and he comforts her.

    Then, he asks her the next day if she's ready to talk about it or not, and she says 'not now', but it's implied that she eventually does, because she and Tyreese eventually have (hot and steamy) sex again, and that's beautiful.

    Anyway, point is, I fucking love Tychonne because he's there for her through all that bullshit that she went through, and he's there with her to the very end, it kills me inside that he dies during their mission to kill the Governor, it's so awful and infuriating BECAUSE TYCHONNE WAS FOREVER. :rant:

    Anyway, yeah, prison storyline in general is my jam. Tell me about yours.
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  2. The Last Big Kat

    The Last Big Kat Vengeance For The Plunderers

    Mar 11, 2016
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    I can't remember issue numbers right now, but the issue where Rick was unconscious and Carl was on his own always stands out to me. Carl as the kid growing up in the apocalypse who's more hardcore than most of the adults has always been an interesting character to me, so I liked seeing him work through that conflict of wanting to be independent and realizing his dad wasn't invincible, but also realizing he still loves and needs his dad.

    Okay I lied about not remembering issue numbers because Issue 139 is also a fave just because Michonne finally came back and I could breathe again :gabe:

    As for arcs, I had a lot of issues with the ASZ arc, or at least certain beats in it, but thematically I still really love it. The traumatized survivors vs. the spoiled suburbanites was fun to explore, and Michonne's outburst at the party was awesome.