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Discussion in '6x10: The Next World' started by MamaGrimes, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Nevertheless, she persisted
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    Wow. I did not see that coming. Rick and Michonne! Holy crap!

    That’s a match made in fan-service heaven. And, for that matter, a match made possible only by the death of Jessie last week. Let’s face it, Jessie was never good for Rick. Michonne is a much, much better fit. Oh, and it was only last week for us that Jessie and her miserable offspring were ushered into the next world. In the world of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, many weeks have past.

    Of course, our two favorite zombie apocalypse heroes finally hooking up wasn’t the only great thing about Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead. In “The Next World” we see Alexandria repaired, rebuilt, revitalized, with Rick and company finally active and enthusiastic participants in the town’s vision of peace and prosperity. It’s a nice vision, and the episode itself manages to linger there from start to finish, letting our cast of survivors and the audience enjoy a moment in the sun before those dark storm clouds we know are out there come rushing back to rain on our collective parade.

    Indeed, this was one of my very favorite Walking Dead episodes in a long time, maybe ever. It’s one of the funniest episodes in the entire series’ run, too, and it makes me wish the show would offer up more of these somewhat lighthearted adventures from time to time. The levity is like a great weight lifted off viewers’ chests. We can thank one character in particular for this: Jesus.

    Read the rest here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkai...0-review-yes-that-just-happened/#4b8d7c9f7a0e