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Article Jesus Marks Big Shift for the Show (IGN: Interview with Tom Payne)

Discussion in 'Jesus / Tom Payne' started by Doctor Grimes, Feb 22, 2016.

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    IGN: We've met a lot of characters over the years on The Walking Dead. To bring in a new character who immediately makes an impact is no small feat. How did you conceive bringing him into the story in this episode to land that impact?

    Payne: I had to go obviously by what [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] said and the director. It was kind of tricky. I had seen the pilot episode but I hadn't watched it since. I understood what the show was about and I'd seen the comic books and stuff, but I needed to some help with that. ... Even just being on set and meeting Norman [Reedus] and Andy [Lincoln] and all that kind of stuff, I was just like, wow this is a big deal and oh my god I am coming in and bringing in a whole new energy. It was definitely a great way to come in, but also I think it was different for everyone.

    And also I came in after that very heavy last episode. Because this show is so tight and everyone is so tight, what happens is it translates to real life. So people were leaving, people who had been there, and it was pretty traumatic. I think they wanted to really bring out the playful nature of the scenes with me and Norman and Andy. I'm so happy it worked -- I was a bit worried about it. I struggled a little bit to understand the tone, because it's not the tone of the show normally, and it wouldn't even have helped me to watch the episodes leading up or anything like that, because it's a whole new thing. So I had to really place my trust in Kari [Skogland] the director and Scott. I had a few phone conversations with Scott late at night like, "Please, tell me if it's working," because I'm really learning as I go with the whole thing.​

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