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Article Josh McDermitt, Michael Cudlitz and Ross Marquand Interview (Vulture Hound)

Discussion in 'Characters & Cast' started by Doctor Grimes, Mar 1, 2016.

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    Cute interview with Josh, Ross, and Michael.

    What was it like joining the cast when they had already established their own core group?

    ROSS: I remember when I first got to the set, and the first person I met was Andy (Lincoln). It turned out we had a mutual friend in London, which was very strange. I met these two second. It was a very hot day in Georgia, and we were at this barn which was gonna be in this scene, which was one of the most difficult and smelliest places I’ve ever shot…

    MICHAEL: It was last season, when we were in the barn and the storm was raging outside and we were all up at the door…

    ROSS: …and they’d been shooting a few days already before the walker tornado came. Both of them came up very affectionate, very “nice to meet you”, and they said “if you need anything at all, anything, please do not hesitate to contact Andy.” It was very clear that these guys were smart asses and that they were gonna become my two best friends. And they have. You sons of bitches!

    JOSH: It’s one of those things, stepping into the number one show in the world; we were all fans of it and it was intimidating. But it starts with Andrew Lincoln. He met us our first day. He wasn’t even in the episode, but he drove an hour south of Atlanta to where we were shooting to come out and meet us. That sets a tone right away. He had nothing to do but say hi to us. And we try to carry that same hospitality to everyone else who comes in, because we know what it feels like to step into this world where everything’s set, and everybody’s got their cliques and friendships already. We try to be as inclusive as possible, ‘cause fact is, it’s a very grueling show to shoot, and we have that bond and that doesn’t go away.

    MICHAEL: And most of us are far away from home. There’s only a couple of people on the show who are close to the area. I think Wes (Snipes) and Chandler (Riggs) are the only ones who are local. Everyone else is from England or various parts of the States, so we are removed from our family and friends. This is our family now, and these are the people we go to when we’re in need in any way.

    Keeping the family theme in mind, if the zombie apocalypse actually happened, which three members of the cast would you want on your survival team?

    MICHAEL (whispers to McDermitt): He thinks the zombie apocalypse is gonna happen! Maybe we should keep this guy around…

    ROSS:. Andy. It’s tough… I mean, everyone makes a strong case… Andy’s proven himself as not only a great actor, but also physically agile. Most of us are pretty agile, but Andy would be pretty formidable.

    JOSH: He’s easy on the eyes too.

    MICHAEL: And he’s great in the sack.

    ROSS: So obviously I’d take Josh for comic relief.

    JOSH: Thank you.

    ROSS: And Michael’s the brawn. So there we go.(to the others) You guys don’t have to choose me, but just remember that I chose you.

    JOSH: There’s something about Melissa McBride that just cracks me up. She’d be the first to go in our group, but man we will laugh until she dies! And I think having these guys with me would be really fun, ‘cause I love to laugh, and when the zombie apocalypse does happen, it’s gonna be a dark time. We’re gonna need to laugh.

    MICHAEL: Well I would not have Judith (Grimes) with me, ‘cause that’s just a liability. I wouldn’t leave her if that was a choice… I’m just sayin’… Erm… I’m gonna go with these guys just ‘cause they’re my drinking buddies for the rest of the trip. And I’m gonna add Chad (Coleman), because Chad is strangely and wonderfully unpredictable. Yeah…​

    Read the full interview at Vulture Hound.
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