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Article Lauren Cohan on "Infuriating" New Arrival and Why Glenn Keeps Fighting (Hollywood Reporter)

Discussion in '6x11: Knots Untie' started by Doctor Grimes, Feb 29, 2016.

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    Deanna's death is really bringing out Maggie's leadership qualities — and she totally owned Gregory. How will her role with the Hilltop evolve?

    We've seen Maggie learn a lot of lessons and now Rick literally says to her, "It's time for you to step up." He thinks she's going to be better in this particular situation with Gregory and dealing with him. Rick has to has the same confidence in her same as Deanna did before Maggie even realizes it. That's what I enjoy about this storyline and this episode — because by the end of it, when everyone is at the edge, the fire wakes up in Maggie and there's no going back from that change in her. As far as the Hilltop is concerned, there's so much posturing. There's something they need from our group and it's so undeniable. As Maggie talks with Gregory, it's frustrating because he tries to manipulate her and use this machismo. But ultimately, as we've seen with our group over these five years, they have this undeniable and unshakable strength in their solidarity and experience. They have a functioning community — with a doctor and sonogram machine and these almost luxuries — and those are such a reward for Maggie and the group after what they've been through after they've been proven themselves through so much. Gregory isn't a hate-able character; he's really an infuriating person that nobody wants to have to deal with because he's so belittling and when he cuts Rick off, you want to pull his hairs — I was going to say give him a nipple cripple but it just seemed so rude! (Laughing.) But ultimately, Maggie and company know the Hilltop's weaknesses are. It's the absolute perfect place for our group to fit in. They needed somebody like Maggie. Gregory listens because she's pretty and she wins because she's tough.

    Maggie knows the fight against the Saviors is, to hear her say it, "is going to cost us something." Will nearly losing Glenn prompt Maggie to keep him close to home?

    Maggie and Glenn keep wanting to make rules about how to stay safe. In watching the second half of the season as a viewer so far, I love this idea and it's epitomized with Daryl and Rick when they say, "It's too dangerous to go back out there," and then they go back out and do it again. That's this agreed thing thing now: it's too dangerous to do but it is what it is and it's non-negotiable. It's a lovely ideal but the only sustainable thing is to say that we're going to havw to do these really dangerous things, knowing the risks, and staying as safe and as prepared as possible when they know it's going to cost them something. The big turn for Maggie in this risk-taking is that she goes to the Hilltop with hope and with this image of a life and world where you trade with other communities — and learn that there are other communities. There's a shift for her from operating from a place of fear and protection to operating from a place of inspiration. That is ultimately the the lesson that Deanna embeds and awakens in her. When Maggie is in that room with Gregory, there's a thrill for Maggie saying, "This isn't please give me this thing." It's pulling yourself toward the brightness as opposed to just trying to keep the darkness at bay. Yes, it's going to cost them something — and that's the apprehension she starts with. But once she's in there with Gregory, and she says, "It's going to cost us something." But how valuable is this thing that we potentially gain? It's everything. You see that with the sonogram. It's this potentially great moment and vulnerability to be pregnant and you can tell that Michonne and Abraham are scared for Glenn and Maggie having this baby but by the end of this episode, you get this affirmation affirmation that without these little tender things that we have to protect, that we don't have the inspiration to push forward and fight. I love the lioness vibe that's happening here for Maggie.​

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