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Article Lauren Cohan Overcoming Body-Shaming and Cruel Taunts from Her Classmates (People)

Discussion in 'Maggie / Lauren Cohan' started by Doctor Grimes, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Jan 24, 2016
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    Interview with Lauren from People Magazine.

    The Walking Dead star reveals in Health‘s December issue (on newsstands Friday) that she endured harsh bulling back in school because of her naturally thin frame.

    “I was very skinny,” she shares. “You know when your knees don’t even look like they’re attached to your body? Kids at school called me ‘Snap,’ like my legs were about to snap because they were so thin.”

    “I was so gangly, even sneakers looked awkward. Everybody kind of goes through some phase, and it’s hard if you’re singled out for anything,” Cohan continues. “But there was this one boy in particular who made fun of me and, it’s funny, then later, when we were 18 or 19, he wanted to go out with me.”​

    Read the full article at the source: People
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  2. 21melpomene

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    Feb 7, 2016
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    That's really interesting to find out Lauren was bullied. I never would have guessed someone as beautiful as she is would have ever been teased for her looks. But it's easy to forget that the way someone looks now is not how they've always looked.

    Kids can be so dumb, taking out their own insecurities and pain on others. I'm glad she talked about self-acceptance being the key to helping others get through it. That's something I struggle with all the time.

    But it's always nice to know when someone is as beautiful inside as they are outside. :maggie: :hearts: