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Article Merritt Wever Reacts to Eye-Popping Twist

Discussion in '6x14: Twice as Far' started by Doctor Grimes, Mar 21, 2016.

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    TVLINE | No pun intended, did you see it coming?
    [Laughs] I did. I knew it was coming. I knew that I was going to only be on the show for this season. I didn’t know how until a couple before [we shot the episode].

    TVLINE | Did you hold out any hope that perhaps the producers would change their minds and keep you around longer? Maybe give Denise an eyepatch?

    It’s an amazing place to work. I had heard that it was a really nice set before starting the job, and it’s all true. So it would’ve been an amazing place to [continue working in]. But it was understood all along that it would only be the length of [Season 6] and I didn’t let myself think otherwise. I’m not a hopeful person by nature, either.

    TVLINE | Was that awesomely inspiring speech that Denise gave to Daryl and Rosita the writers’ parting gift to you?
    That’s a lovely way to think of it. It’s really nice when they send you off that they also give you something nice to do for an episode. But the writers were good to me [throughout the season]. It was a really nice experience.

    TVLINE | Did knowing that Denise wouldn’t live to be reunited with Tara make it tempting to overplay the significance of their goodbye?
    Yes, it did. I didn’t see that episode [when it aired], so I don’t know if that ended up being the case or not… It’s interesting, I probably worked with [Alanna Masterson] the most but it didn’t feel like we worked together much for two people in a relationship. It’s a big show and you get put into situations and those are the given circumstances. There wasn’t a lot of time with a cast this big and stories this big to develop the relationship.​

    Read the full interview at TVLine
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