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Poll TWD Rewatch Club: When the dead come knocking 3x07

Discussion in 'Season 3' started by SevenStars, Sep 12, 2016.


What Grade would you give 3x06 ?

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  1. SevenStars

    SevenStars Awaiting Job from Deanna
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    Feb 18, 2016
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    I'm sorry I'm posting this past the schedule day. I keep hopping things will slow down for me but I make plans and God laugh, lol. I hope everyone is doing okay and looking forward to the new season.

    1.How do you feel about Michonne killing that man instead of knocking him out ?
    2.What did you think of the Governor and Maggie's scenes ?
    3. What did you think of the writing for the women ?
    4. What did you notice that was different in this episode from the last time you watched it ?
  2. Jetamors

    Jetamors Babysitting Judith

    Jun 17, 2016
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    The Prison
    No worries, it's all good :)

    Mainly I'm still baffled by why they didn't just go out the back door in the first place. Why did they even wake him up?

    Assuming they were all struck with selective blindness and didn't see the door, I'm not sure what else she could have done. It seemed like another "tough choices in the apocalypse" moment.
    Ick, I really could have done without it. Though on rewatch, it was a little clearer that he was (consciously) doing it to humiliate her and make her more psychologically vulnerable, not really to get off. (IIRC the Governor rapes Michonne in the comics, which thankfully they didn't do in the show; I wonder if they did this scene instead as a trade-off.)

    One thing I hadn't thought about before are the parallels between Maggie and Michonne (and Glenn too, I guess) this episode: they're both being held captive, and as a result they spend a lot of time reacting to others. (With Michonne negotiating and Maggie in firm resistance, it's arguably a very mild role reversal.) We definitely get a eyefull of Andrea this episode, though mainly it had me wondering about how easy it is to find good-fitting underwear in the apocalypse XD Her scene with Milton and the old man is one of my favorites from this season. I believe this is another episode in which no woman from Woodbury gets to speak, and Carol and (I think) Beth don't show up either. I guess at least Carol can be assumed to be rehydrating.

    Female zombie kill count: Michonne (2), Andrea (1)

    Female human kill count: as mentioned in the first question, Michonne kills another person. Unlike 3x06, she's also the only person to do so in this episode.
    Michonne saying "thank you" to Hershel for stitching her up. Also all the parts where she was quietly paying attention to the group--and clearly liking what she heard a lot more than she liked Woodbury.

    There's one line in this episode that always sticks out to me: Michonne describes Glenn as Asian, but doesn't describe Maggie as white.

    I mentioned the Milton-Andrea scene above as one of my favorites, but my very favorite scene from this episode is definitely Glenn killing a zombie while strapped to a chair. The fight choreographers should be proud of that one.
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  3. Sasha's Living Room

    Sasha's Living Room Survivor of Many Disasters

    Jun 14, 2016
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    1. The first time, I was shocked but sort of understood. Does Michonne even know how to knock someone out? We know she learned to fight with a sword during the ZA. Rick's background as a cop implies he'd understand how to do that (and he did try before the guy slipped away), but I don't think there's any reason to believe she would know. Still, as I said, even though I kind of understand it, it was sad to see her make that choice. It was the last resort though, since the guy escaped Rick's hold on him. I think Rick was surprised but realized either right then or later that he would have done the exact same thing in her position if it was the only way back to his family.

    2. Very hard to watch. I noticed he changed the instant she answered "no" to taking her shirt off. Until that moment he was doing his usual cheerful charmer act, but as soon as she refused him, he did this creepy, threatening glare and hardened his voice. His entire demeanour changed. Then he pulls the manipulative BS where he puts a show on for Glenn as if attempting to plant a seed of doubt in his mind that maybe, just maybe she consented or invited the treatment she got from him (just like she blurted out the fact they took the prison). When he hugs Maggie to him while fake-consoling her, I was physically pulling away in the exact same direction she was, my response was so visceral.

    All of this is probably why Glenn briefly becomes a dick to her later where he's obsessed with what the Gov may or may not have done to her instead of giving her the support and love she clearly needed. (I still have trouble forgiving Glenn for that, though I love him most times otherwise.)

    3. It largely seems okay to me. At this point in the season I'm generally tuning more into the performances. Carol, Maggie, and Michonne are awesome. I also like Beth (a lot of people out there seem to think EK did a bad job with her, but I disagree). LH's Andrea is still disappointing to me as ever.

    Michonne's writing is a little better than I remembered, though I think I figured out what the main problem is. DG acts the hell out of her part when she gets the chance, but the camera (and soundtrack) hardly ever emphasize this. There's a direction problem where some of her most significant moments get no contextual backing. (I'll give some examples below...)

    The scene-to-scene writing for Andrea is at the best it ever gets for her right now, sadly. I am disappointed with her not cluing in as of S3E6 (with Haley the future Olympic Markswoman inexplicably insisting that they're not "supposed" to go over the wall, and then the Gov banning Andrea from wall duty because she did), but we already saw with Shane how she might have a tendency to idealize men she's attracted to (and therefore ignore red flags).

    4. I was glad to hear Michonne thank Hershel for treating her. I also noticed the emphasis on Michonne witnessing not only the reunion with Carol (which it's clear Michonne picks up every nuance of), but Rick thanking Daryl for taking care of Judith, and the skill and competence with which Rick leads their party on the road. I get the feeling someone (:gimp:?) wrote these moments in for her, but somehow it went whoosh over the directors' heads and we ended up with one great focused moment on Michonne's reaction to the reunion with Carol, but almost nothing in the other scenes above. Or am I being too critical? Dissenting opinions are welcome...

    Michael Rooker and Steven Yeun are amazing in their scenes together, and Glenn's tied-to-a-chair walker kill is probably still the best there is in the series.

    I suspect that while Merle and Gov both know he's lying when he says his loyalty is with the Gov, Merle doesn't know that the Gov knows he's lying.
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  4. Caribbeanqueen11

    Caribbeanqueen11 Supplier of Mints
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    Apr 22, 2016
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    Btw, I forgot to mention that the episode prior was SG's first episode in season 3. Le sigh, they meet... and the fandom was born!

    1.How do you feel about Michonne killing that man instead of knocking him out ? I think she did what she had to. That man would have gotten them killed and Rick was not in the place to do what was necessary.
    2.What did you think of the Governor and Maggie's scenes ? The G and Maggie's scenes are very disturbing, even if he only wanted to scare her, to use the threat of rape was beyond contemptable.

    GM's all over the place planning was also very apparent in this episode, although the next one is where a lot of people were just perplexed.
    At this stage it's believed Andrea would be sticking around. He plays her like the sexy vixen - don't think the thong ass-shot was for nuthin', but I don't think he realized how the audience would view her sleeping with someone as vile as the G, her actions were no longer sexy, she wasn't the woman anyone in the audience would have wanted for Rick. As he saw the fan and media reactions he would then re-write the scripts, at times at the 11th hour. IMO season 3 was only successful because he had a stellar cast that could make his unprepared, meandering storylines look cohesive.
    3. What did you think of the writing for the women ? Andrea played the role of the starry-eyed, delusional lover to a T. LOL! Otherwise, she is quite capable but then has to go ruin her mini badass moment by returning to the G and needing to be "held" as if putting down a walker swas still new to her and Amy had died yesterday - grrrrr frustrating; Maggie, showing such courage in the face of what she went through. I'm sure if the G went through with it she would have gone after him herself; and Michonne, hell she's Michonne!
    4. What did you notice that was different in this episode from the last time you watched it ? Merle's racist comments to Glenn, about the walker being hungry in an hour, just annoyed me.

    It made little sense to me that Merle would trust the G not to hurt his brother after everything he's seen the Governor do.